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December 15, 2007


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meg duerksen

your photos are colorful.
i think i am going to snag your christmas tree decorating idea for a party of kids tomorrow night. they would love that...and i won't have to make the cookies before then.


Great pictures and at the first one I see our flag! How nice! What a lovely idea making trees with ice and how we call it here Hagelslag (this we put on our bread lol) Have a nice weekend to, it's cold here in holland!


What fun Jenn!

That sculpture is amazing. Looks like you could use a bit more snow though, you can have some of ours - we have LOTS!! Bracing for another winter storm here today. This is the most snow wr've seen in years!


LOVE those first two pictures! Great color and captures! Ü Noah did those same trees in school last year - VERY easy for kids and they LOVE them too! We are planning to do those one night here as our activity! Looks like you are having a great holiday season! Ü

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