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December 06, 2007


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you are so sweet. i'm a fan of your work, ya know?...


hihi, really cute!! my husband would be thrilled if I put his ols StarWars figures ans space ships on the three ;-)

Audrey Litfin

Gotta have something manly, right? haha, that's too funny!!!


Ohmigosh Jenn, that is so cute! But I noticed Princess Leia is m.i.a.? lol ;)


That is totally funny. Shabby Star Wars!

I've got my tree on my blog. It is SO bad. I decorated it and it fell over during the night! YIKES! It is a real one and the trunk is crooked... the back is half bare. It's really bad... but still turned out cute when I photographed it from the front.


AWESOME photography on the ornaments, Jenn! I need to photograph mine tonight. It feels so good to FINALLY be decorated!!


How cute are those StarWars figures on your shabby tree!?! Sweet!

My girls have a white tree with all pink/purple ornaments...very shabby cute! Downstairs we have a tall skinny tree with white/silver ornaments of snowflakes, stars, icicles, fun baubles and balls.


Great "Stars Wars" ornie collection....lovin' them against the white tree branches too...very cool!

I'll take a few shots when I get home of my tree ornies. :)

Renata P.

This is gorrrgeouss!! I´m laughing so hard! Coool tree.

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