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January 30, 2008


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Angie (aka lily24)

10 lbs? Brings tears to my eyes just thinkin about that one (LOL). My biggest baby was 6.8 lbs. :)

Hope you all have a great day!


sarah vrolyk

have a great day, josh! five is such a great age to be!!! :)


A whole hand full!! Happy Birthday and a great day!

Jenn T.

Aww, happy birthday Josh! (And wow, 10 pounds at birth?!)


Happy Birthday Joshie - hope your day is awesome! And you share a birthday with Miss Alaina - Janet Phillips daughter!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Josh!!! I hope that you are ALL enjoying some great family time today celebrating that beautiful little boy! They definitely do grow up WAY TOO FAST!!!


yummy five year old baby. i'm electronically squeezin' those cheekies!

Julie Brooks

Happy Birthday Josh!!! Hope your day is filled with fun!!

Shawna Taylor

Happy birthday Joshie!! And wow 10 lbs - big boy! And I thought my oldest was big @ just over 8 lbs! Hope you spoiled him today Jen!! lol


Happy birthday josh!! Yep, my little sweetie was 10 lbs 10 oz too...and he is just the smilingist (my made up word..LOL), happiest guy in the world. those big boys are precious. spoil him rotten!!


Happiest birthday wishes Josh!! We're celebrating right along with you guys for his little b-day twin, our sweet Olivia, who is also 5 years old today! January 30th is one sweet day indeed.

Michelle Filo

what a sweet smile!!! no wonder you are totally in love ;)
happy birthday to Josh!

Colleen Stearns

I hope you had a fantastic day today, Joshie! Happy birthday! :)


JOSH - Happy Birthday Kid!! Have an awesome party!

Jenn, that photo is awesome! CUTE!


happy birthday and a day full of fun!


happy birthday, josh!! :)

Audrey Litfin

Happy Birthday Josh!!!! He's just too stinkin' cute!!!

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