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January 22, 2008


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The Monkey Love Pops are too cute! Where did you get them? The link with "here" isn't active.
Those are much too cute to pass up!

Brooke - in Oregon

Cute Cute Cute!! Love the layout :)
Oh my gosh those lollies are totally adorable. You find the BEST goodies.

Love the cars crocs, what little boy would not LOVE them.


You were right... you had great pics to blog! :-) LOVE them all! You so need to introduce me to Lanne. She seems like such a fun person to know! I always enjoy her photos and layouts! Her actions look really cool. Is she planning on selling them? Anyway, LOVE those Monkey Pops too! And that template is GREAT! I will be picking that one up for sure!


Seth is going crazy over here over those Cars crocs!!!! "Where are my Cars Crocs?!?! Are they downstairs??" He insists that he has some that are downstairs somewhere. The child is crazy!


OK I want to wear lightning crocs.

where oh where can i find those..LOL

Michelle Trost

OK, I have to ask what type of camera do you use? Your pictures are awesome! Love, love your blog!Smiles, Michelle in TX


I am just lovin the Car Crocs, LOL! Just too cute!


those cars shoes are GREAT!


The crocs - too cute! And I would love to get my hands on some of those delicious lookin' pops!


what a cute lighting mcqueen shoes.


Just found your desktops!

So cute!

Thank you!


Love your blog! My son has to have those crocs!!!! Where can I find them???
Thanks -
Lacy in Texas


i wish i hade a pair of those. If i hade a pair i wooed be wearing them in my house,yeard & pool

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