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January 29, 2008


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Angie (aka lily24)

I think I NEED one of these for my new camera LOL.

Angie ;)


LOOK AT YOU with those CUTE cupcakes!!! LOVE them. Wish we lived closer so I could come and eat one while we chat! ;-) GREAT camera strap! Now you make me want to order a black and white dotted one!


Ahhhh..those cupcakes look yummy right about now..I could use one:)


Oh man, this Mama could eat all of those cupcakes! Happy Birthday to a sweet 5 year old boy...seems like yesterday.
Thanks for linking to me :) You should enter for a dress for Chayce!

meg duerksen

your camera strap is just like mine!
i made my husband asked "what was wrong with the original strap?"
i said just be glad i put back the pink ribbon i first picked out!

i enjoy your blog!

Colleen Stearns

Those cupcakes are so adorable! I'm craving one with chocolate icing! Happy birthday to Joshie. I hope he has a un-filled day.



oh yeah, this cupcakes are sooo cute. I wish you a beautiful birthday tomorrow. My dauhter turns 4 in march and I´m looking now for nice ideas for the party and for nice gifts for the kindergarten. greetings from germany - alice

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