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February 20, 2008


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Brooke - in Oregon

Cute photos of the kiddos and what a cute puppy! Good thing they didn't have those when my dd was little! I am afraid we would have been there all the time!


Great pics... especially from inside the mall!! Love these!

Angie (aka lily24)

LOL! My girls loved the Bear Factory (that's what they used to be called here). Their favourite bit was getting a 'birth certificate'for their bears. My favourite part was recording silly messages to put in the bear's voice box thingy (way too funny).

angie :)


Oh...maybe we'll have to try Build A Bear. We haven't ever done it and we have been looking for something fun/special to do for the three kiddos before/right after baby comes :) This will be perfect!


I just love reading blogs by women who really enjoy being a mom. I found your site because I'm a digi-scrapper, but I check in often to see how much you are enjoying your kids! :)

Sherelle Christensen

Hello! I just realizes that I won one of your blog giveaways...horay! I have never won anything! Here is my email...


looks like chayce had blast! :)


OH my Chayce's dog is too cute in roller skates and all!!! We just took our girls not too long ago and they LOVED it - they adore their animals! And now I have gift ideas to tell other people too - outfits!!!

Lanny Stanard

I Love looking at your Blog .
Thank You so much for you nice comment about mine. I'm wait for my new camera, it hasn't come in yet but when it does watch out!!! Also Thanks for the cute blog package! shawn is the best!
Lanny S.


That is way too cute! My lil Elle Belle has been dying for me to take her there and I have to do it! (we are one hour away from the nearest store) The roller skates are darling! :)


Chayce is getting SO big, Jenn!! That puppy is so stinkin adorable!

Juicy Jenn

Ok, I am so in love with the bear thing...but Matt wants to do one and I am like...are they for boys? Waddya say girlfriend can I take the boys????

Juicy Jenn

Audrey Litfin

That is so cute, I can totally remember the good ole' t-ball days. And it's so exciting to see how much more popular softball has gotten these days!

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