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February 14, 2008


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Holy Smokes!!! How awesome is that! Happy Valentine's Day to me!! ;o)


AWE-Some! Thanks for making my *heart* day! :)


Miss Jenn, is that a Yen there? As in me Yen? hehe If so, WOW! I can't wait:D Happy Hearts day to you and yours! Xo


Oh goodie, thank you so much!! Happy Valentines Day!!!!


Very exciting stuff to come home to! Thanks so much and happy Valentine's day to you,too!


Very exciting stuff to come home to! Thanks so much and happy Valentine's day to you,too!


OMG, I saw a Chantal at the winners, is it me? Yipie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Valentines Day to you and thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily T

I'm not sure if the Emily you mean is me or not. I didn't see another but I may have missed it. With 150 comments that'd be easy to do. I'd LOVE for it to be me but I'm not sure so... If it's somebody else, I'm sorry for trying to "steal" your prize. If it's me... Whoo Hoo!


Wahoo!! I hope I'm the winning Meg!! I love anything and everything from my favorite Shabby designer!

meg duerksen

or am i the correct Meg? :)


Oh! If I could do a back flip I would:) YIPEE!!!

I am so excited!



Gone for the Valentine Weekend and Saw "Robyn" as a winner! Am I a the lucky one???? Sure would bew a great way to end the "lovely" weekend! :-)


I just got in from a vacation in Daytona and saw Meg on your winner's list. Not sure if I am this Meg but if so thank you so much!!! Have a wonderful day!!

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