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February 05, 2008


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As always, your new products look amazing!!!!

Julie Brooks

OH MY!!! You are amazing!!! LOVE all the new stuff! Off to shop!


Can't wait to get one of those new blog designs!! Great idea and I hope you come up with a lot more! These are going to be a hit!!


ohhhhhhh love the blog packs! Super clever and oh so cool... be still my minimalist may just be made over!

Janet the bloggie! How do you get the background image? I remember SP trying to explain and and said it was really hard. Has typepad made it easier? I would love to do it!


Love everything...thanks for the great designs!!!


The Shabby Blogs are awesome!

sharon k

Everything looks so yummy..I am so undecided...


I'm on a sugar high! I won a kit I BOUGHT a gillion I can't wait to play. Girl you never cease to amaze me, everything you do is always prettier than the last! Happily downloading as we speak :) I sent you an email with my kit choice for the blog challenge thing.You can bet for every challenge you have I will always play along :)


you and shawn are so clever!!! love the shabby blogs. i will have to make a decision and purchase one. my blog definitely needs an overhaul.

Shari Barnes

Soooo much FUN stuff! I don't know how you consistenly churn out such AWESOME things! Keep it up!!! BTW, Rise & Shine today! Did you get anything??

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