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February 15, 2008


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Oh how fun....can't wait to see all the LOs!!!


Just got a new laptop so I am so excited for the three day holiday to get it all dialed in!!! Those otter crocs ROCK!!!


OH! There is this GREAT little dairy farm in our area that delivers fresh, organic, milk and eggs right to your door! You should totally check if you have one in your town. It is the BEST milk in the world...a little more expensive than normal, but I figure we save $$ by not having to run into the supermarket all the time. Heaven knows I can't get out of there without dropping $50 on junk! LOL


I'm a milk connoisseur and I tried the hormone free stuff last week and didn't notice much difference at all. Kinda pricey here but I think for kids (and someone like me who can almost go through a gallon a day on her own) it's probably worth it not to be putting that bad stuff in our systems.

LOVE the new gallery. How fun!! :)


WOW! There are already 245 posts in that gallery. I think it's safe to say 'YoU ROck!' :) So excited about visiting there often!


Love the crocs Jenn! And, hormone free milk is a great idea. I love TJ's :) Still learning how to use all the cool kits for scrappin'. You're one rockin sweet gal, Eva


We're organic, too (well, as much as our budget allows LOL!) We started with milk (don't you love the longer expiration date on them? My family drinks various milks- skim to 2%- and it's nice because I don't drink mine quite as fast as the boys drink theirs) and now we also get bread, eggs, cheese,a few fruits and veggies, & chicken breasts, as well as lots of kiddie treats (like Cheddar Bunnies instead of goldfish)- or at least "natural" so they don't have the hydroginated oils and high-fructose corn syrup- yuck! And those are in EVERYTHING! Good luck and good choice on the milk! :o)


We love the organic milk, but we get ours in half gallon cartons that are ultrapasturized so they last for weeks if unopened (mine mostly) so I can tell a difference with the taste then! LOL! Anyway, with how much milk kids drink (and they drink it everyday unlike most other foods) I figure its a good first step into eating more healthy. Yes more pricey, but at least you know what you are getting!

Super cute crocs! I got both my boys the Lightning McQueen ones on sale at Dicks Sporting goods. Have to get the same or someone will be mad! KWIM?!!

Ok off to register at the gallery...


Those crocs are too cute, Jenn! And I love your gallery!!

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