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March 14, 2008


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Well my goodness!!! It must have been a bad bug for everyone to get it! I was having SMJ withdrawls LOL!


Yuck! My best friend and her whole family are sick right now and it seems to be going around pretty good. I hope Spring gets rid of all this junk! I have to admit I always wondered what inspired all your "western" flair alphas. ;-) Now we know! Looks like a fun place to visit!

Shawna Taylor

Glad y'all are feeling better, you know its bad when everyone has it! And what a fun place to visit - my girls would love it!


YAY FOR HEALTH! b-bye sickies! We had the same thing! It was truly horrible! Maybe if you quit smoking a pack a day you may feel better! HA! HA! ; ) Have a grrrreat weekend! Also...I vote for a shabby princess kit...just my two cents...or three. With crowns and such and sparkles and glitter. Okay. Bye! Blessings!

Lanny Stanard

So glad your all feeling better. What a winter so many of us sick.

Lanny S


Sorry you were sick! My whole family of 5 got it too! Glad that's over with!


oh cool, great photos. rainy greetings from germany :)


I think you sent it to Michigan! LOL! Ugh- I've been miserable sick. Glad you are feeling better and your bright and lovely photos make me feel better, too! :) Well, I think it is the photos... could be the NyQuil! LOL


Glad to hear your feeling better, Jenn - such cutie pics!

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