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March 27, 2008


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What cute pictures - can't believe all that stuff is starting up again!!! My kiddos aren't quite in sports yet, but I am sure my hubby will love it if they get into sports! He's not a real sports fanatic though - more into hunting and fishing. I think he'd love it the most if the girls got into that with him!


Oh, she is too cute out there pitching! And yes, my hubby LOVES that Jack plays sports (he rotates between soccer and basketball, although he did play t-ball his very 1st season as a 3 year old, but Mark thought it wasn't a good pick for Jack after that season- more like Mark didn't like it because it wasn't fast-paced enough for him!!). Likely, he will play another round of t-ball/baseball when he turns 6, which is when it actually becomes a game for them, and not just an hour of practice without keeping score. Mark can't handle that! LOL!


Chayce is so cute throwing the ball! I was just thinking today that I needed to look into t-ball for Kenzie. Although, with the snowstorm we're currently having, I have no idea how they'd play!


What super cute photos! How fun. We aren't to that stage are almost 2 and 4. My husband is a golf fanatic...he had Nolan and Ada out practicing their putting in the yard today! Too cute to watch. Carter tries to tries to show them how to stand and they are both swinging all over the place. LOL. Love those beautiful mountains in the backgrounds of your photos!!!


Great photos!! I am sooooo ready for warmer temps and being outside more! The kids and I are already dreaming about all the backyard bbq's and other fun activities! Ü


Our kids are 2 and almost 4 and my husband cannot wait to start coaching their sports teams! Hope the kids want to play. lol

Michelle Filo

oh, love the colours of the pictures :) My little one still hasnt started any sports but hubby is unlikely to get too excited about it. We are happy to go to other places that don't require us there just in case we want to just chill at home ;) but off course, if the little ones are interested we will be super supportive (except rugby, oh God please save me from rugby!)


Though I'm sure when we have kids that Brad will be stoked to have our kids involved in sports, I'll probably be even excited!! :) haha. He'd be happy if they could help him in the garage.

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