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March 20, 2008


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First again!!!!! I am SOOOOOOooo excited. I knew you must have been workin on something! Love it!!! Can't wait to use the NEW stuff!!!! Thanks :)


Its gorgeous as always!Getting ready to leave for Easter but will be bringing my laptop with so as soon as I get there this is so mine!Happy Easter:)


LOVE it all, Jenn!!!

And your blog looks fab ... so does the shoppe!

happy easter, friend! :)

Michelle Filo

oh, cute new release Jenna! Love the kids' pictures! at least you got some, when my little one gets too excited I can't salvage any, it is a blurfest ;) hope you have a GREAT Easter :)


cute! my favorite thing about the duck picture is the view in the background! ugh! breathtaking! oh, and your beautiful babies? breathtaking too! thanks for sharing. i love reading about your days! blessings!

Angie Hinksman

You're a bad girlie Jenn - tempting me AGAIN like this (LOL)!!! - Beautiful stuff (how ironic, all these lovely spring goodies and we are expecting snow for Easter - go figure?!?!?!?!)

Angie :)

Margie S.

Love the colors and your new blog design!!
I can't get into the shoppe though and look around. My computer keeps on rejecting the shoppe :(. I will keep trying though !! Have a blessed Easter :)


Beautiful new stuff! Happy Easter to you and your family!

Julie Brooks

Adorable new stuff!!! Cute pictures!!!!

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