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March 06, 2008


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Oh that is definitely not fun!!! Can't wait to see "something cool":)

Kim (OliveJuice)

Poor things!! :( Here's hoping the sickies go away quickly!!

Melissa Phillips

Ohhh this is darling---love the pics and colors! Hope you're feeling better tomorrow!


oh i hope you guys get better soon!! (((HUGS)))
i love the layout! :)


Must be something in the air LOL - I too have the ickies (am off work with lung infection - postviralthingy YUCK)

Love the LO get well soon!


hey! which albums didja get?!? i wanna see! :)

Michelle Filo

I am so far behind on my printing!!!
I just did a LO with the same kit, is is great isnt it? love the colours, they were perfect for your photos!
hope everyone is feeling better at your place!


darling layout. are those cath kidston plates? so cute! i love the way you put the three pictures like a film strip on the left! i'm doing that. can't wait to see what's next for you. hope you get to feeling better. i had to drag myself to the doctor and get drugs and z-packs and codeine in my cough syrup. i feel MUCH better. i'm sorry you feel terrible. blessings!

Julie Brooks

Your page is adorable!!! I hope you and your family are feeling better soon!


Feel better Jenn! :)

p.s. I have sooooo many pics in my computer that need to be processed, it's incredible. When they say "Don't let your kids grow up to be jpegs" - they are talking directly to ME! lol


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