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March 03, 2008


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OH my - how cool - I would love to see real wild horses! What great photos! I see a LO using your shabby wild ponies kit just calling out!


U2 totally rocks and those horses are beautiful! I hope you're feeling better soon. We love our Miss Jenn creating fun shabby goodies but we don't want her FEELING shabby at all. Get Well HUGS, Eva


beautiful! get well soon!

Julie Brooks

WOW! Amazing photos. How cool that must have been to see. Here in Arkansas all we get is deer running across the road.....not so fun when they hit your car. :(

Melissa Phillips

Ahhh...home sweet home---we have those everywhere here too. My little one calls them wild mustaches---took me a while to figure she was referring to the wild horses, lol.
Where do you live girl---never thought I'd run upon another horse country cowgirl, lol!


dude!!! i wanna live near horsies!!! can't wait to see your pics and get well soon!! :)


How cool is that, Jenn?! We just have geese in the middle of the road, and once I saw pheasants, but definitely not horses :)


O.K. How totally cool is that? I would be soooo thrilled if I were driving along and a whole bunch of horsies went by...Great shot!

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