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April 02, 2008


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Julie Brooks

Oh my goodness! Look at all that eye candy! I love all those fabrics. My husband bought me a Bernina 6 years ago and I have sewn one thing! YIKES! I did sew on a few cards as well. I need to break that baby out and learn to sew. I think I'd be better off taking a class somewhere. That was the plan when we bought it and then we moved. I'd love to learn how to quilt. Ahhhh.....another hobby! :)


Okay - will you make me one?! Seriously... these fabrics kill me, and my sewing machine & I don't get along well. The chandelier fabric... omg!!!


oh all that yummy fabric!! i was once on a quilt trip and i tried to make my own. failed. lol but seeing all this beautiful fabric is giving me that itch again...
can't wait to see it finished!


That fabric is gorgeous Jenn!

Angie Hinksman

We must be on the same wave length LOL - I'm making rags dolls & handbags at the moment - just off to check out this blog now - need me some new fabric ;)



oh my gosh!! it's been AGES since i made a quilt! almost 7 years!! yikes! LOL
the ones you have are gorgeous!!! you've got SKILLZ mama! :)


Oh what gorgeous fabrics! I live near Keepsake Quilting and could spend hours looking. I haven't quilted in a few years - trying to catch up the scrapbooks - but you are inspiring me...Thanks.


Wow, fabric OVERLOAD!! I love all the colors and designs when we stop by JoAnn's but I have no clue how to make anything with them. :)

Amy Wathen

OMG Gorgeous Jenn! I wondered how that quilting was coming along for you. I have just started a new project after finishing 2 quilts for my boys and I am now obsessed! And was just getting ready to email you about that exact thing!

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