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April 07, 2008


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what a super cute album! can't wait to use mine!!!

Joy Gross

wonderful work area... I love the desk.


CAn't wait to see the new desk duds! You seriously need to do a post on cord control....that is the most organized looking desk I've ever seen!!
Happy week, my dear~

Angie Hinksman

Bridget Jones (one of my favs) love this line:
"hold on a minute, nice boys don't kiss like that....oh yes they ******* do!)LOL
Think I'll have to watch this one this week!!!!

huggies ;)


How do you make the bulletin board? I really want to make one for my daughter's room.

Julie Brooks

I can't wait to see that bulletin board when you get finished with it. SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! I love your work area. I can only imagine what your house looks like. SO SHABBY AND SOOOOO CUTE!!! Can you come help me decorate?? :)


You are amazing! Oh my goodness--look at your sweet and shabby studio--love that frame. And, your album is the most beautiful thing---I'm in awe!


Gorgeous album! I'm starting to feel the tickled of the scrapbooking bug again.


Wow!! I love your desk!! You need to disclose tips on how to make it look so awesome!! I love it all!! *Smiles* Karen

Michelle Filo

Love the album, the desk and that gorgeous frame, OMG stunning! and I loved reading about you girl :) what are you waiting for? you gotta come down to Australia, you'll love it! hehehe
Hope you are having a great week!

2littlepumpkin's mom

I love this idea with the frame and desk!

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