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April 04, 2008


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Its gorgeous and what a great deal!Downloading now,thanks Shabby Miss Jenn for another fabulous kit!!Have a great weekend :)


Oh me me! I LOVE it!!!!!! So super cute! Girl...I need to take more pics for all these wonderful kits you are coming out bright and colorful!

Julie Brooks

It's PURE Shabby goodness! I just downloaded it. :) What a DEAL!!! Thanks!!!

2littlepumpkin's mom

I love this & love the free bracket album with it! Great job!




I forgot to mention that I love the new blog look! It is beautiful!

Margie S.

My jaw doesn't usually drop much-especially when looking at things online but I have to say this kit is awesome! Plus the bracket album is just beautiful!! I love it-we don't get the chipboards here but I am going to try to use cardstock and see how it turns out! BEAUTIFUL :)


Another beautiful kit! And, thanks for the awesome deal-kit and album together! I just love your style, the colors design are great! Have a great weekend!


I didn't notice it on the site anywhere ... but where did you find the actual shaped chipboard albums? LOVE the kit for a Mother's Day project ... just don't know where to get the rest of the supplies. :)

Michelle Filo

gorgeous wonderful stunning new goodies Jenn :)

I tagged you:
sorry :)

have a great weekend!

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