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April 16, 2008


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dude! you totally make me WISH i could sew. and the new blog look is gorgeous :).


Are these your babies???? O my gosh are they darling!!! Love the Joshua Tree, too! Did you make the little gal's dress?! What a beauty!! ;0) Karen


I have been having withdrawal so i am glad that you posted today! :-) I am glad that you are having some creative fun over there!


I'm loving all the work in progress! Wow!

I just moved my blog and used some of your great graphics. Love! (And I'm doing a giveaway to celebrate the move, if ya wanna check it out.)


That is the cutest dress ever! My little Ada Frances would looks so sweet in that...I need to learn to sew LOL!


Good luck working on the quilt and making it look super shabby - I know you will make it awesome!!!
What a cute Joshua Tree!!!

Angie Hinksman

What a super creative post - COOL!

btw: Have you tried printing Digi paper onto fabric yet? I have some wonderful 'inject fabric' and the possibilities are endless (remember those dolls I mentioned? Will send pics soon ;)


Michelle Filo

what a cute post Jenn, I get stuck with my pages ALL the time :) thanks for sharing the pictures, adorable!

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