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April 28, 2008


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Shari Barnes

You make me want to get out and look for some bargains!! I have never been a tag sale person, but you always make me want to go!!! My mom loves going antique shopping but I rarely go with her. I should! LOVE those Pyrex bowls. I would have been in heaven finding those!


I am jealous of your glass ware. :) It just would not last in my house. The table looks great, too!


Those dishes are awesome!


Yummy colors - oh to yard sale where you are - awesome finds girl!

Julie Brooks

I need to yard sale where you are! Your shabby house looks right up my ally!!


I love finding old pyrex - aqua, pink, primary colors make me happy. That is a great find with the lids even! :)


Be still my heart! You are just adorable girl!

Margie S.

Ah, looking at those glass containers reminds me of growing up! Too bad we got rid of all the good ole stuff!!


Love the blue! So pretty and fresh.
It has been nice here in TN as well..but going through a little chilly time again..yuck!


$3?! Okay, you're killing me!! What did you do to it? It's gorgeous - as is everything else in the photo! LOVE those pyrex dishes, too!


Oh I love that! How did you overhaul it? I'm new to all of the furniture overhaul projects! Super cute pictures of the Pyrex.......Makes me think maybe I need to have some of those too *winks*

sharon k

I love old pyrex and have some of the same ones..I have a question about the sewing table and your desk and chair. I gather that they all started out white and I am curious what color or colors u used? Did you also sand them after or before..


Sonda T

OMGOSH Jenn...those are fabulous! I remember my parents and g'parents having those. hey...maybe i can still find some amongst all my gma's things. thanks for the reminder. I love the sewing table, looks awesome!! Hugs!


My Mom had those glass refrigerator containers. LOVE those! They're getting hard to find.


Sarah Keith

You lucky lucky girl! What a find for 3 dollars and some paint. Love the chandalier too!

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