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May 29, 2008


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Brooke - in Oregon

Funny how when they are little we are so tired of diapers and getting up at night but when they grow up we miss it! lol

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i can totally relate to that feeling, i just want to soak it all in while i can!
i love your layout, it looks like paper! great dimension!


Sometimes I think it is so naughty of little babies to grow up! Mine are still tiny, and I look forward to all the things we will get to do as they get older (like tball!) but, there is just nothing better then a freshie little baby (although I could do with out the diapers and the getting up at night!).
Thanks for sharing about the cute hair clips, darling! And I love love your scrapbook page :)


Jenn, you enabler, you! I just had to buy 2 clips for dd! Yes, HAD to!

I'm with Molly, love the babies but would like to sleep at night!


LOVE Jacque's hairclips - going to get some now! Thanks!


I can sympathise but not empathise..LOL I dont miss 'diapers' and getting up.. wait.. probably because i had to get up AGAIN last night..LOL Least I didnt have to rock him to sleep..LOL

I remember looking at lochie at 2 and thinking.. wow he is all grown up..LOL at 4.. I think....yes.. he seems big but.. this is still the lil kid stuff.. Helps having participated in the raising of someone who is now almost 17.

love them and soak them up.. you are doing an awesome job!

Hi Josh.. from Lochie the Pirate

Amber McLean

OK, I just had to comment. I can remember my mom telling me I would spoil my firstborn when I was rocking and holding him. I replied that he'd be grown too quickly, and wouldn't want to be on my lap. OK, I was right, but I didn't realize HOW quickly. Now, he's going to be *15* NEXT MONTH! And, my "baby" will be *6* in October. *sigh* My favorite baby age is around 9 months. They are so cute and cuddly, responsive and alert, and they *sleep through the night*. That's the part I miss. Although, I have to add, it's really nice to have my almost-15-year-old come up and say he needs a hug! Guess all that rocking paid off, eh?

I do wish I had a slow motion button I could push to make the moments last longer.

Thanks for sharing the clips and the layout, and your thoughts.



OK - I just HAVE to know some of you shadow secrets!!! That LO ROCKS! Love the pics of the kiddos too - they sure are getting big! I can handle that kind of whining girl!


Oh share your shadow secrets! :) Love the LO! We are going through the terrible twos...that's all I have to say about that!!!


ps..haven't been able to get onto your store site for 2 days now...not sure if anyone else is having problems.


I am having the same problem getting on...maybe there is being lots of new products being added! :-) can only hope!

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