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May 05, 2008


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Lots of fun stuff!! Great finds!


Oh - those homemade flowers - endless possibilities! I would totally put one in my hair - or on a fun hair band!!! And of course you need to use them in a kit sometime soon!!!


Aww come on! I was doing so good not going to the NSD sales and everything... now I am all over this...LOL

I certainly have a baby pirate.. You won me over!

(and dont ever come to an aussie church sale.. you will cry... LOL I have never ever seen anything that cute there!)


Oh my goodness Jenn - what great finds!


GET OUT Jenn! I am dying at your post from today. Remember me telling you when I was at auction the other day, I thought of how much fun you and I would have had together rummaging through and bidding on stuff. And, that I was excited to show you my winnings. We both totally scored a silver pitcher-woohooo! You can see it on my blog. How exciting about your sewing. You are so talented-yummy flowers and great fabric choices. Hugs, Eva


Those flowers are so gorgeous, Jenn! I've had the sewing bug for the last few weeks and this is definitely making it worse :)

jen harr

Hey Sweets!!! Oh how I miss you!!! Maybe my life will be a little more settled here this spring & summer!! LOL! I just ADORE your flowers & yo yo's!!! I love the corduroy-like fabric! Such a nice mix!
((big huge enormous bear hugs!))


Those flowers just at the right amount of color. Some really good ideas.


I would never be so lucky to find anything like that at a yard sale! Gorgeous! And your flowers & yo-yos are precious. I'm dying to get started!

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