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May 22, 2008


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So sad! Breaks my heart. All over the news here. They live in our town....They will get lots of support and love from this community :)

Julie Brooks

My heart breaks for the Chapman Family. I can't even imagine what they are going through. SO SAD!!!

Brooke - in Oregon

Oh my that just hurts my heart. The poor son must be devastated. I just can't even imagine. :( lots of prayers are headed their way.

On a happier note I just came from Kayla's blog and I am soooo tickled for the great instructions WOO HOO

I was pulling for DC too, Love little David too but I am a child (ok more of a teen) of the 70's and still love the rock-n-roll :)

2littlepumpkin's mom

I have a Mac blog and using the blog pack stuff worked pretty well....I just haven't figured out how to get the buttons to have the shape they have with out having them show a background.

Sad about SCC family...I heard yesterday -- he will be coming to our church this summer to sing.

Eva Taylor/freshandvintage

Prayers going out to this sweet family--what a tragedy :(

So looking forwad to viewing the tutorial. Thanks for being the amazing you sweet Jenn. Now that I've met Beth (super fly girl btw) I have to meet you in person! HUGS, Eva


That video tutorial is amazing! Just what I needed. Thanks so much!

What heartache for Stephen and his family! Each day is so precious! You just never know when your life is going to change in an instant. Thank you for sharing and for your compassion.


Can i just say that i have seen many blogs in last few weeks, YES, I am very new to this blogging and digi-scrapping. Your blog and pages are AMAZING! Captial AMAZING! Love your style. Not so shabby;0
Looking forward to getting into the tutorials tonight:)

Jenna Jaquez

Awesome news about the blogwear, but maybe somewhere along the future road we could get one for wordpress for I'd love to add more to my collection of your designs..wooT! My heart, thoughts and prayers goes out to the Chapman family...


I just had to leave a comment on Steven Curtis Chapman. We were on our way to the lake for the holiday after my little girl's surgery. You may have already noticed, but she is Chinese. She was adopted shortly after Maria, and I was not wanting to adopt - but while my husband was in Europe on business, I was home alone and "that" song came on. The adoption paperwork that had been sitting on my desk for three months, hubby's part done, mine was done with in the hour. Two years ago today - I stepped off a plane in China, and I owe much of it to God's work through Steven and Mary Beth Chapman. They are very much in our prayers.


Woooo Hoooo!! Thanks for the instructions!! I'll be purchasing one very sooon, now!

Been praying for the SCC family since hearing. I am specifically lifting up their son. I pray that he is able to forgive himself. Words cannot express how my heart breaks for all of them.


uhh..yah! David Cook rocks! And your blog kits look awesome!

Yvette F.

thanks for the blog tuts...i really needed them.

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