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May 19, 2008


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Lisa B.

Isn't technology great! What we wouldn't have given to do that when we were young!


That is just about the cutest thing ever!


laughing good thing the studio was fairly tidy.. I thought about 20 mins after we hung up.. OH NO i didnt get any screen shots!! THANK YOU for capturing some! I will be sure and do so next time!

Lochie had an awesome time. He is struggling to understand when Josh sleeps tho.. last night he said.. Mummy is the little boy in bed now too? (could have been).. I said YES.. but he will wake up in a while.. so head off to sleep and you can be like Josh..LOL

Thanks for playing.


That is just, THE cutest thing ever!!!


Ohhh... that is so cute of them!!! :)

Michelle Filo

omg priceless :)

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