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May 16, 2008


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Wow - thanks for linking to that site. I think we need to renew our vows asap.


what about a second wedding in Australia... hey.. your already on that second honeymoon then. I will do your photos ;) and you can partttttty down under.... now THAT is something to think about..

oh.. and we can babysit and give you your wedding night.. hehe


OH Wow...what BEA-U-TIFUL photos!!! I tell everyone.. if I could do it all over it would be on the beach!!! Maybe I will someday!

Jess Gordon

Yes, friend, I totally agree that you should do this and fly your friends to a tropical paradise to celebrate. Your friend, Jess ;).

P.S. AMAZING photo!

Michelle Filo

awesome shot :)
great idea Jenn, it is quite commom for people to renew their vows nowadays, just make a an anniversary celebration :)

2littlepumpkin's mom

You should invite your Shabby customers....hee hee. I play violin and could serenade you ;o)

My husband and I have thought about buying new rings and taking our family someplace like your photo and placing the new rings on one another on the beach with our children dressed in white/tan clothes....maybe even giving a special little necklace or ring to our daughter and something special to our son like a pin or boys bracelet...just to celebrate our family!

Then taking photos and of course, adding them to a SMJ kit! Wouldn't that just be perfect?

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