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June 04, 2008


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If you like the result.. you are doing it right:) LOVE all of this... yay for bowling.


LOVE your LO!!!! so cute!!!


We were bowling on or Wii the other night, and I remembered how fun it was! And after seeing this kit I think its about time we find a bowling alley :) Thanks for the cute inspiration... as always!

Michelle Filo

just love the texture of that photo :)
and the LO is adorable!
(how strange, I swore I left a comment on this before!!!)


Great thing that your kids have no cavities! It makes me happy to know that you really did a great job in taking care of your kids' teeth and two thumbs up on your dentist also who did very well in making you guys have a good oral health. Kids nowadays are enjoying dentist trips more than the kids before because now there are cool dental services, especially for those people who are afraid of the dentists.

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