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June 18, 2008


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What do I think? I think that I almost died when I saw HB's post yesterday. I HAVE to learn to quilt ASAP!!! Your little one would be the luckiest girl in town to have a bedroom with those yummy fabrics!


I saw those earlier today -- aren't they divine?! I'm really grooving on the chevrons.


Quilt away! I think that's a great idea.....she will love it and you will have so much fun designing!!


Yes, to hip & chic...that's who she is! Besides, what 9 year old wouldn't want a hip and chic room??? LOL ;)

What a just hit me...little Miss C. is NINE!?!?!?!? Already?



you are killin' me!

do you know i had the fleeting thought the other day of making a quilt for my guest room? that can only be from you! and i've got these other blogs coming into my reader now, too. hmph! :) it's not enough i'm trying to get better at digi-scrapping ~ and my DH would like a home-cooked meal now & then.

noooo, now i think i want to quilt. . .

LOL! it's soooo AWWWWSOME!


Wow! I have a nine year old...umm but poor thing, I never learned anything about sewing, quilting...This looks amazing! I didn't even realize all of these fabrics existed. I cannot WAIT to see what you come up with! Please keep posting!


Gooooorgeous!!! Wow- that would be a beautiful quilt! And think of all the fun you could have choosing accessories! :)

Eva Taylor/freshandvintage

LOVEEEEEEEEEEE Heather's newest fabric lines and she is just an amazing woman all around! I can't wait to see what you create my dear. Hugs, Eva

meg duerksen

i am in love with her new line.
those colors make me want to re-do everything in my house!

your daughter is a lucky girl!

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