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June 20, 2008


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2littlepumpkin's mom

Glad you are on Facebook and glad there is a Shabby Miss Jenn group we can ALL join!

Isn't is funny to chat with people in our lives we haven't seen in a while? Some of my friends from childhood I have found seem like we picked up just where we left off ;o) That is one of the great things about Facebook....and adding the photos on there & joining groups with people of similar interest!!!


Go, Chayce!! What a fun pic!


Do you mind sharing where you get your textures for the photos? Do you just use blend modes like overlay or softlight? Tell All! I'm very curious about it. :) Thanks!


i am loving your photos and your treatments on them! congratulations chayce!!
there's a smj group on facebook?! i'll have to sign up- you know i'm a big fan ;)


It appears that my good friend Kari's daughter, Kelsi, was on the same softball team as Chayce! I was reading your blog, then switched over to her blog, and you both had the same topic. Small world, huh? Congrats to your little one!


I am interested in making my first purchase on your shop. Are there any coupons working right now or for first time customers?

Thanks in advance. Cute stuff!

Audrey Litfin

Yay, big congrats on 2nd place and especially on most improved player girl.

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