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June 11, 2008


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Oh...I'm so jealous...I would love to live in those beautiful we have mountains in TN...just not like those!!!

That moving looks cute..haven't seen it yet.


Lots of fun stuff it looks like! Haven't seen the movie yet - I'll be interested to hear how it is!


I took the kids to see it on Monday for S's birthday, they loved it! Totally cute show! :)


cute layout. Saw the movie today, really cute with a good moral at the end. have a good latter half of your week.

Julie Long

Wow--looks like a great trip! I'm taking my oldest DD (she's 5 1/2) to see the movie on Friday--she can't wait!

Jenn-I had a question for you--how do you get your photos with rounded corners? is it only a type-pad thing? I just spiffed up my blog with your shabby blog pack--just wondered! thanks!


LOVE this CUTE page and photos, Jenn!! It looks like they had a GREAT time fishing! I am soooo ready to do some fun summertime activities around here... now if we just had fun stuff to do!! ;-)

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