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June 24, 2008


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Wow. Beautiful quilt! I LOVE the fabrics you used.


The quilt looks awesome! Way to go Jenn


WOW! I am sooooo impressed!!! So inspiring.....I know you are so proud!


AAAAAHHHHH, it turned out so cute!! I love the corduroy! Such a perfect quilt to use for all the fun outdoor activities of summer!

Julie Brooks

You are so TALENTED!!!!!!!!


Wowzers girl... God sure hit ya numerous times with the creative sprinkles! This is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!


Great job on the quilt! You are multi-talented! :) I love that quote...going to jot it down now.


Congrats on finishing your quilt! What an accomplishment! Soooooo darling! And how fun to complete it with friends. We're not so unlike our grandmas and great-grandmas. We as women have a lot on our plates these days and what a wonderful creative escape, bonding as friends while working together on something as beautiful and yet practical as a quilt.

And I LOVE those bags! I might actually have to try to make one of those.

2littlepumpkin's mom

Awwww.....the quilt is great! You did a very good job. Love the bags!!!

kelli  :)

Hey's Kelli! Its my first time leaving a comment, but I frequent your page and I love it! GREAT JOB on the that fabric. I am inspired in all things crafty from your site :) thanks! talk soon...


Wowza!!! Looks fantastic! Just how long did this take you??


PS - Did you sew it by hand while at the park??????


How beautiful, Jenn! You are talented in so many ways! :)


soooooooooo incredible! you did an amazing job! love the boys' expressions! thanks for sharing...


Audrey Litfin

Oh my gosh, you should be soooooo proud of that quilt....amazing!!!


Oh my goodness - so FABULOUS Jenn! Congrats sweetie!


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