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July 08, 2008


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Gabi Butcher

I just loved your designs at SA!!! And COOL photo treatment!!!

Gabi Butcher

I just loved your designs at SA!!! And COOL photo treatment!!!


I haven't scrapped in forever, so I can't justify a purchase, but I just wanted to say that your stuff is always some of my very favorite. When I do scrap, I find myself using your stuff over and over. Anyway, happy Tuesday!


Looks like a fun pool day - look at those pruned hands!!! Thanks for doing the tag - great answers - although I think your nuts at this point for wanting to build - LOL!!! It's CHAOS!!!


oh! all the new stuff looks great! those pool pics look so fun! i wish we had a pool! you just gave me a reason to blog- thanks for the tag!


Fantastic new goodies again :) I picked up the Ocean Picnic kit last week and joined the challenge at SA :) Love the alpha in Fresh Summer! :)

Angie Hinksman

What a small world - I also grew up in CA [Santa Monica, actually]! It's days like today (raining here in the UK) when I REALY REALY miss it LOL ;)



I just love your designs. And I'm dying to know if you used any actions on those pool photos. I love the processing and the texture!


You're killin' me with all of this cute stuff Jenn. Love those pool pictures too!!!


oh great funny photos! I love them! greetings from rainy germany

kelli  :)

these pictures are awesome! i LOVE the pruney fingers...awww, I remember those days :)
thanks for the tag...loved your answers....


thanks for your comment, oh really. you simply must see germany anytime. I hope I couldt visit your country anytime. hugs

Lauren Reid

gorgeous new goodies jenn!!! adding SA to my shopping spree list so i can snag some shtuff! i mean, who doesn't wanna go on an ocean picnic!? ;) xo

Kelsy Propp

Wow is that page totally digital? I love your pages...thanks for sharing.

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