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July 10, 2008


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kelli  :)

oh my goodness....that top is too cute! way to go mom!! i love the colors, style...everything about it.

*the fist picture is great! what a cutie!


That top is so cute!! Does your mom want to adopt me? I have cute 6 yr old twin girls she could sew for - lol. Thanks for sharing that is just adorable and inspiring...(btw I am with you in hurrying and covering up my sewing mistakes)


Oh my GOODNESS - I want one - for Mary-Kate AND me!! How completely adorable!


Dang, that's cute! Can she make me one?


So adorable!! Will she make one for me? ;)

2littlepumpkin's mom

Oh, this is VERY cut-i-licious!!!!


This is darling.....I love all of those fabrics:) Too cuuuute. Makes me want to get my machine out.


NO way!! She is toooooooooooo stinking cute!!! Way to rock the sewing, Shabby Grandma!!! :)


that's just about the cutest thing EVER! I really wish I knew how to sew.

Brooke - in Oregon

That has got to be the all time cutest top EVER. So when is Shabby Gramma going to start taking orders? My 2yr granddaughter needs to be on the list!! lol

Jess Gordon

OMGosh I LOVE this!!! The fabric, the design, the photos, everything :)!! What adorable photos too!!!!


YAY for Shabby Grandmas!! So cute!!!


Oh I am in love with that top! Sounds like cute shabby grandma should open an etsy shop with them! I want one too :) It helps that your daughter is adorable as well.


Dear Shabby Grandma,

LOVE this.. it is just precious! I am wondering .. if it is at all possible for you to get some VERY fat squares and whip up a similar top for me. I think it could hide a multitude of 'difficult areas' ... and i would be ever so cute.. just like Chayce right?



That is adorable!


Totally LOVE it!!
I just ordered a we can start playing with clothes on tuesdays!! The family vacationers are should be able to get together soon!!


so gorgeous - i was just at a fabric store today on bainbridge island wishing i knew how to sew. i did pick up a few swatches of fabric and felted beads for my sb stash :)


Oh WOW!!! Way to go Shabby Grandma... this is adorable.


what a little lady. the top is very very cute.


Do I understand you to say you bought 6 fat quarters and your Mom made this from THOSE??? I am probably your mom's age and I have sewn fro a long time . . . .but making something like that??? only in my dreams!!!!!


Please tell me she used a pattern so that I can get one like it! I LOVE the results here ... what an awesome adorable top! If I had it I think I would want to wear it every day.

Michelle Filo

absolutely adorable!!!


That is just too cute! Did she use a pattern? If so, which one? I would love to make some for my twins.


That is just too cute! Did she use a pattern? If so, which one? I would love to make some for my twins.


That is just too cute! Did she use a pattern? If so, which one? I would love to make some for my twins.

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