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August 02, 2008


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Crystal (crystalbella77)

Oh! The new blog is sooo cute!! Love the new goodies!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

kelli  :)

ok, this post is SUPER inspiring!!! i LOVE the WINTER PONIES!!!'ve been busy, but it will pay off...all of these new products are AMAZING- now i must choose!!


2littlepumpkin's mom

Love all the new goodies in the much to do with all of them. Love the photography tools, too...I hope there is more of this to come!

Angie Hinksman

Look at all those goodies OH MY!

Thought of you last night - the girls and I were watching Bridget Jones'on telly, with that 'nice boy' Mr. Darcy ;)!!!



Yeah this just made my day!!! Now I need to shop!!!

Julie L.

Jenn, I was so excited to get your birthday email in my inbox..i went shopping right away! Love the "Birthday Wishes!" and the free mint tin albums! I also picked up Lanne's new blog photo templates--LOVE IT, and used it on my blog already! Thank you for amazing products!! :)


I love your new kits. happy birthday!!! at the moment I´ve been shopping at your shop lol. how can I see this great layouts a little bit bigger?


Wow Jenn Happy Birthday!! Lovin all your new stuff...totally rocks!!! I'm having lots of fun with it all :) so happy to get your mail in my makes my day :)


WOOHOO! I've been waiting for a sale ;) I'm off to shop! What a way to start the weekend :) Love your stuff :)

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