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August 28, 2008


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Thanks for the desktop freebie! I have an August one now but before that it was March, LOL. I'll actually have the right month two months in a row!


oh wow! i am surely feeling loved!
both kits are completely gorgeous jenn!!

Sara Duckett

Thanks Jenn! I am honored to be tagged by you! Your blog is looking sooo cute! I love the little girl on the top right!


Jessica Griffin

This is my first time purchasing from SMJ- it was hard to choose just one thing. It was ALL so fun! I LOVE art class, but loved even more... SOCK MONKEY MADNESS! My daughter runs around saying "Monkey see, monkey do." All the time, and she'll be three on Wednesday- so it's funny, because she has no idea what it means but she says it to my husband ALL the time! I can't wait to play!


Thanks Jenn - you're the best!

Julie L.

Wow...Jenn, you just made my day! (actually, I purchased Spiced Apple and Art Class last night--couldn't even wait)--I have been searching for "art" themed stuff to make my DD's Kindergarten Paint T-shirt...this is PERFECT! thank you--thank you!

Angela Green

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful desktop! :)


love your new kits! and congrats on the mag gig! you are so freakin talented. miss you! (((HUGS)))


I loooove your blog and your kits, thanks for the nice desktop. even if you have the award. I will give this award too. :o)


Thank you for the beautiful desktop, both my husband and I have it on our laptop screens. They look gorgeous! Do you create a desktop design each month?

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