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August 21, 2008


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Oh, I also want to go where all those fabric blots live!!!!
I'll take the first plane tomrorow!

Michelle Adams

Pooh. I went to two stores today and didn't find it! Never fear - I will keep on searching! :)
Congrats on that, Jenn!


look at all that yummilicious fabric!! well look at how big your kids are getting! where does the time go jenn?!!


Yummmmmmmy! Loving all the eye candy! And of course, the adorable kiddos! :)

Did you know that the Digital Scrapping Guide 2 was my very first pub!? I was so geeked! And I loved your LO's, too! :)

Jess Gordon

Great blog post girlie! I'm lovin' all of this eye candy and your adorable munchins!!!! Congrats on your involvement with the new pub :)!!!


great photos of your kids. Oh nice hello kitty shirt - I love it! I never heard from this vintage patterns here in germany, but the photos, you take, are very interesting. many german greetings from alice

Kari Holt

Just picked up the Scrapbooks, Etc. book today at Costco!! *LOVED* everything I saw in there :) So fun to see more of your work. The fabrics are amazing - wish I had some sewing skills ... my 3 girls would love it if I would make fun stuff for them! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comments - way to make a girl feel great!!


Yeah - a blog post and of course with such eye candy too yet!!! LOVE the pics - that fabric is beautiful! CONGRATS on the mag stuff - wow - I'll have to go pick that up! Is it on the floor yet at stores?

angie h.

omg! That fabric is to die for!!!!

I am sooo into vintage patterns (and fabric as well actually) There is often a great selection over at etsy!

Congrats on the book - looks FAB :)


Drool, drool, DROOL!! Such cute stuff!!!

kelli  :)

my brain is now on creative overload!!! i love all of this inspiration....& your mom is awesome! i LOVE that apron pictured as well :)

CONGRATS...the publication looks great! You my friend are amazing! xoxo


I just picked up my copy today...can't wait to take a look! Congrats!

2littlepumpkin's mom

Good LONG post....I got that digital scrapbook magazine a week or so ago and you are right -- it does have some great stuff for digi-scrapping in it. Love those outfits your mom made and love the fabrics, too!

Digi Loves Compay

Where is Beth's store? I come to Sacramento frequently and would love to check it out!

Digi Loves Compay

Where is Beth's store? I come to Sacramento frequently and would love to check it out!

Missy Severson

That is soooooome beautiful fabric!


It's just impossible for me to comment on anything in this post other than "who are these children? and, what happened to your babies?!?" LOL

Seriosuly, nevermind the summer, the years are flying by!!!!



Congrats on that gorgoeus cover, Jenn!! Lovin those fabric shots, too - wow!


congrats!!!!!! and how the heck is her hair so dang cute?!?! well, she's dang cute, too!

you've been tagged.. a short & easy one... :)

Julie Brooks

All of that fabric looks so yummy!!!

Eva Taylor/freshandvintage

So many beautiful things in one post:your smiling children, Beth's tdf fabric stockpile, the vintage patterns, the spread in Scrapbooks Etc. Realllllllly Jenn, what's a girl like me to do other than stand back in awe?! Love ya, Eva


ok i hate my rss feeder for not showing me this sooner.. but my bank loves my rss feeder..ha... how gorgeous is this fabric.. ok that's it.. i am going to have to shop up a storm and beg you to post it as soon as we move.. look at those colours! oh!


i have purposefully stayed away from your fabric posts! i've got to get some of sandi's fabric and lord help me it comes in courdoroy? i'm in so much trouble!

Sandra Santa Lucia

I love the apron. Very decadent!

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