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September 26, 2008


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Julie L.

Jenn--wow...what another amazing kit! I haven't even had time to buy Autumn Flea market yet...I'm off to shop tonight! (I've got a fab GC burning a hole in my pocket ;) )

I hear you about time...I always tell my girls to "not to grow anymore"--but I love watching them experience everything in life..luckily this great hobby, and even blogs help us capture the little moments.


Thank you so much for the wallpaper. I was so excited to see that it isn't Halloween themed! ;) The new kit is gorgeous!

Michelle Goton-Bertuzzi

Another fabulous work Jen. I am a big fan. Although my first digi LO I admit was from your creation and being still on the traditional side, I wish I can touch all of these and layer them in my pages! I'm sure that if they all get manufactured that it'll be a big hit!


Another great desktop...Thank you! Yes, the kids grow up so fast. I miss my little "pumpkins" being tiny....time flies. I'm glad they're getting more independant...but you sure miss the baby hugs! :)

Thanks again!

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