September 24, 2008


Eva Taylor/freshandvintage

Looooovvvvvvvvvvve your personalized Photoshop action tool. No kidding on it making your blogging life easier. I need to get right on being more savvy with Photoshop--it's on my list of things to do. You are amazing sweet Jenn. Thanks for always inspiring. Hugs, Eva

Julie L.

jenn--feel better! my family has the "fall cold" already--I'm probably fooling myself walking around with a disinfecting wipe!

I LOVE the new photos and the action you got! so cool--and I'm sure a timesaver!

Michelle Filo

wow Jenna, these are stunning!!!!


wow...that is really cool...sorry you are sick...I have had strep! Not fun...hope you get to feeling better soon!


Totally cool action! I have got to play with her actions that I have more - still haven't really gotten the hang of them yet!

Shari Barnes

I know... I am in HEAVEN with my new action. LOVE the rounded corners on yours. Too cool!! Lanne is AWESOME!!!


gotta love lanne! isn't she just the best?! i love the result of your new action!

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