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October 27, 2008


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Lovely! Your blog and also your home!; lol...
Both homes are so scary!, lol...

dana attlan

i haven't felt that way at other people's houses YET (probably because audrey just turned two - so playdates are pretty tame at the moment) - but i totally starred this blog entry so that i would have ideas for future parties at my house - LOL! i'm not nearly that creative, even if i was that organized!

super cute decorations at your house - and the kiddos look adorable!


Wow! Sounds like that momma was really organized..I strive to be organized and "pulled together"...but it doesn't always work out LOL! I'm just too dern tired after cleaning my house for all that hoop-la.


I feel outdone/inspired by moms each and every day! You are one of them! :) Love ya! Great pictures!

Shari Barnes

First... I LOVE LOVE that scrap page! I have actually been yearning to scrap again! I am hoping that once this CRAZY busy season of work ends and I am caught up... I can start back up!!

Second... you mentioned you are getting better at being more organized and balanced... DO TELL ME HOW!! I am seriously struggling with that and would LOVE some tips!!

Third... OH YES... I have definitely felt "outdone" a lot!! With kids in private school, there is a lot of "keeping up with the Jones" that goes on and lots of people trying to outdo each other. It sounds like your friend is not doing it for that reason though - which is great! I just wish I had time to do more. I am working on that!!


What are you talking about? I ALWAYS feel "out done" by another mommy. There is always someone more put together than me! (and I think that I am pretty organized!!!!) Well, I have learned just to be inspired by it and try not to beat myself up too much. That party does sound like a great time for the kids. I love the stations idea. I will have to keep that one in mind for the future! :)

Julie L.

oh yes...feeling outdone by other moms is an easy trap to fall into, that is for sure! But, can any of them match your digi goodness...and you helping the rest of us look good with all our pages, treat bags, blogs...need I go on!? ;)

Love your pics of Halloween! Hope the kids have fun trick or treating! Awesome textures, too!

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