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October 06, 2008


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Teresa Victor

Oh my goodness, how adorable is this?!! I love the alpha and that owl- my favorite bird! :) I'm so jealous of your new fabulous team! I had my app all ready to send, stuck it in my drafts folder to update a LO, went to visit my new niece and completely forgot to send it in! What a doofus! :) Next time, for sure- love your goodies, Jenna!

lisa (momy4him)

amen sista! i can totally relate to being busy with the kids, i am coaching keith's soccer team and jay is coaching devyn and drew!! we aren't moving, but we are looking into that...
loving the goodies and yes, i agree that lanne is amazing! happy moving to you both!!!


Where are you moving to???

Your work is amazing. i wish I knew how to use it all :) You need to come visit me and give me a tutorial on how to digiscrap!!!

Miss you friend. Smooches to you and the kids!


Who ever thought owls would be so cute! Good luck with the move, I shudder when I think of moving the kitchen stuff ever again.....

Lisa (paisley)

Oooh, I love-love-love your designs! Good luck with the move, and I can totally relate to the busy kiddos schedule!


Holy cow how on earth do you have time for all of that?! I love "Hoot Hoot"! It's adorable but my favorite is the carved pumpkin.


Oh, girl, I am so in love with "Hoot Hoot". It is absolutely adorable!! Especially because I love owls!

You have my sympathy on the whole moving thing. We're gonna be doing that in a couple of months and I hate to think about it. We've been in this house 11 years, so you can just imagine the "stuff" we have accumulated. Good luck to you!


Loving the new stuff. Totally dig those owls.


I hated moving! Unpacking is the worst :D Best wishes on that!!
I love all the new hybrid projects you have, especially the mint tins~ what perfect Christmas gifts they would make for my out-of-state in-laws. Thanks for all the inspiration! :)


OH NO. I think i just taught you something I didnt want you to know... LOL Pester power works.hahaha...

I kinda like having a moving buddy too... cept seeing how busy and tired you are.. and knowing i am 5 days behind you makes me sigh!

MUAH... you totally rocked these new kits.. i want halloween!!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Hey, did I mention that I love Hoot Hoot??????? I can't wait to create with it! Thank you for the freebie gift with it too! You are so awesome!

Sending lots of love to you, my busy busy friend!

Tina Brannon

Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh the new goodies are sooooo GREAT! Loving everything. I find myself using your kits over and over....LOVE EM!
Ohhhh that owl.......he's so darn cute. YOU SO ROCK!!!!!!! :D

Christina G

FABULOUS stuff as always! You have been busy indeed!

Julie Brooks

WoW! You have done it again. I NEED to make time to digi scrap. Love all these new kits you have been poping out!! SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!


Darn, I was hoping life was going to get LESS busy once my kids started school. Anyway, I LOVE this new kit. It is SO cute! Your digital designs are always my favorites!

Julie L.

Jenn--wow, just when I thought I could break out your newest kit to digi scrap some fall pages--you go add a whole NEW round of beautiful goodies! Amazing, truly! How do you do it all!? :) good luck with the move and the crazy schedule...but just think, you're experiencing all life has to offer--it's just all packed into October! ;)


Hoot Hoot is absolutely FABULOUS!!!!! I definitely have it on my wish list for my upcoming birthday, among other things!! :) Your stuff is so gorgeous and so much fun!


I love the coming of fall (although, the cooler temps come a bit later here, down south). Well, despite your busy-ness, you've put together another beautiful kit! Love your current blog header. :)

sharon dale

Good luck with trying to fit everything in! I've just moved out of my home of 14 years (but back to my parents since I have separated with 2 kids in tow)! What a nightmare that was! I just adore that cutesy owl from Hoot Hoot - we don't celebrate Halloween in Australia but I'm so tempted to buy the kit as I love all the colours and textures plus that little owl is saying 'buy me, scrap me'!


You are on a serious roll! I think you are now officially my "enabler"! But, it's a pretty good addiction (scrapping)! Thanks so much for all of your hard work! Perfect timing and such a sweet kit! Good luck with the move-LOVE that first night in the new home! Aren't the kids a crack up! Can't wait to see what is up next! PS-Your team is so SWEET-the gallery is such a gift!

Sarah V.

Oh, good luck with the move, Jenn! I miss being on the team with all of you sweethearts! Love the new stuff ... I'm going away later this month and can't wait to get some scrappin' done! :)


You make the prettiest kits! And I absolutely adore all the hybrid albums you create from them. tfs


Jenn have I told you lately how AMAZING you are??? Love ya chica!!!!


I just found your store recently and I just love your kits. This is my favorite time of year to take pictures, so I will have to make sure I get your new kit Hoot Hoot. It is gorgeous!


Good heavens, girl, NO ONE does texture like you do! I'm drooling all over myself here gazing in amazement at your new goodies. Hoot Hoot is killin' me with cuteness! *LOL*

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