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October 17, 2008


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loving that look Jenn!

dana attlan

i LOVE it !!! it looks awesome! LOL - does your dad ship to chicago ?!? i 'need' something like that ;)


Wow! It looks fantastic -- like it came out of a decorating magazine.

Joy Gallagher

It looks beautiful - are you sure Martha Stewart didn't stop by?


The dark looks so rich and classy! It feels very urban chic.


Totally my style and colours of the mo the whole piece is gorgeous.
loving your blog the fabrics are amazing, love how you have an eye for putting them together in your sewing.
I am going to add you to my fave places to visit.
If you have the time to pop over to mine you will see I am using black and cream at the moment.. great combo.
Chriss x

Brooke - in Oregon

OH MY GOSH JENN!!!!! That is just FABULOUS, I love it. You see I am not a antique lover. I really love them when they have a family story but not just 'because' they are antique. Just not really me, but then once in a while something like that comes along and I LOVE it. You could not have picked better accents either. WOW that just really blew my socks off. :)

Have a great weekend, we are taking Kaylie to the pumpkin patch and I for one am TOTALLY EXCITED! lol (oh the photos I can take) hee hee


Wow Jenn...just gorgeous, lovin those dark baskets and love the idea of changing for the holidays...I love holidays too and I especially love how the US celebrate the holidays! Christmas is my favourite...what's yours? Bonnie :) xx


Oh my goodness! That is gorgous!! I can't wait to see some Christmas stuff for blogs in your store!!


I LOVE THE BASKETS!!!!!!!! It is all coming together so cute! I must ask.....where did you find those baskets? Anything with Paisley, I love. I think I must have.....WHERE DID YOU GET THEM???? :)
BTW....I love the candy corn and baby pumpkins too! :)


I love these baskets. I also want to know where you found them.

Julie L.

Jenn--LOVE the way this turned out with the adorable black wicker baskets...the little pumpkins are TOO cute and candy corn..the best!

functional and beautiful! I wish your dad would ship to western NY!


OH. MY. WORD. That hutch looks AMAZING! The baskets are great and I love everything in there!!!


i'm lovin' the paisley print fabric. it's a weakness of mine! the cabinet looks fab!


OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH well dear Jenn, you already know I am LOVIN what you did. The paisley is perfection and the black is just lovely as well. I'm thinking you and I could settle right into each other's homes quite nicely :)Gorgeous sweet friend. Hugs to you, Eva


F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S!! It looks devine. Love the pumpkins and candy corn but those baskets and the fabric are just devine.


I love your wonderful creations, and your Shabby kits are amazing I have never tried digi scrapping..but i think i could become hooked!!!

Hugs Sarah xx


Love it! This is absolutely beautiful! :)

Kristi Creed

I like it!!!! I have thought I need a room just for storing holiday things to put out...a room where it is organized wall-to-wall...not just an attic!


Love the candy dish! My Great-Aunt Evie (she was my Grandmother's sister and I loved her dearly) always had candy dishes filled with colorfull candies and whoppers (chocolate malt balls) yummy! I would be changing them out with M&M's each season...I always think they're so pretty and should be displayed! :)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the paisley liners in those baskets! I also am wondering where you found them...they're fabulous! Basket are sun a fun way to store and organize things. I'd have a million of them if I could!

The mini pumpkins are adorable! What a great cabinet - love it!


I LOVE what you did with it!


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