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November 21, 2008


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he is such a cutie!
thanks for sharing with us!


that is way more than awesome! I'm sitting here right now making a LEGO LO. My son and husband have been obsessed with making LEGO machines from Star Wars. They are quite good considering we don't have a Star Wars set of LEGOs. Of course the name couldn't be more perfect. I really love it.

Brooke - in Oregon

oh how cute! Way to go Josh! woo hoo


He is a cutie!! :) And you are a great mommy! :)



Josh - I don't think I could spell my name out in lego.. You totally rocked that Buddy! Well done!!

I wish you and Lochie could play lego while your mum and I curled up on a sofa. We could use our fingers for treats instead of typing ;)



So cool--way to go Joshua, and I'm glad your mom could share it with the world.

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