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November 19, 2008


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Love Operation Christmas Child! For sure you will have to do a LO about them doing this!


That is so great that you posted about this! Our church does this every year, and we did 2 boxes with our 1-year-old. Even though he's too young to understand, he had fun picking up the little toys and putting them in the boxes. Plus, this is a much better use of our money at Christmas than buying him a ton of things when he already has so much from grandparents!


anna turned in her box today! they do it at her school...i love your idea about making it a whole family event. i will have to remember that next year! cute pictures!! blessings!


It is a great ministry!!! I am in charge of it at my church;0)

Your kids did a great job with their boxes.


We`ve done this with our kids too...sooo moving and great lessons for them.

I`m having a great Black friday sale and giveaways on my blog and wanted to invite you over to grab a ticket. I`ll be doing giveaways every hour on the hour...pass it on to all your friends and I hope you can head over for the fun!!

Jess Gordon

Hi Jenn, remember me? LOLOLOL! I am soooo behind on checking blogs, so I'm getting caught up on yours right now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE OCC!! I took a photo of Gabe with ours last year, but he was too small to know what it was all about. This year was a blast, because we went to the store with his two older cousins and all three made boxes. I will have to get the pics off the camera and onto a page soon. Thanks for being a part of this wonderful cause! ~xo Jess

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