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December 04, 2008


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Look at you go! You big batching queen you..LOL know you have a pretty cute accent too ;)

LOVE THE BAGS!!! I lost count on the trees cause i only have so many fingers.. How on earth is Santa going to know which one to stash the gifts under.. laughing.

Julie L.

hey Jenn! LOVE all these photos! I got the email from Lanne telling about the new corner rounder action...I need some lessons, too! :)

Your white shabby tree is adorable! along with all the others! (yes, I too, put garland on my chandelier! ;0 good minds!) We share a tree obsession it seems! I bought another tree for the house this year--so we have 3 artificial and one real!

Those bags are too cute!


What a blog full of inspiration! Your house looks AWESOME all decorated up! Those bags are GREAT!


Oh wow! Love those photos Miss Jenn! And I love those rounded corners in your photos! And those bags... they're absolutely wonderful! Wish we had them here! It would be the perfect gift for my daughter, who, like me, are into bags... You know girls ;)


our photos are fabulous and i love what you did with the bags!

Jess Gordon

Those are CUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!! Things have been crazy around here, so we are just now getting to the decorations! I love to put these cool red beads on our chandelier - looks so festive :)! Speaking of which - love the Christmas-y blog, and especially the Bible verse :)!!!

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