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January 23, 2009


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I LOVE LOVE your 365 pages! I am thinking I might have to change my strategy for mine. LOL! There is no way you have a bunch of iPhone pics on these... what post processing are you doing then? Because mine... do NOT look like that!!!

Julie L.

I am so glad to hear that the iphone has a good little camera in it--because I think I'm getting one soon for work! YIPPEE! I was asking for a point and shoot for my bday because I don't always want to carry my Rebel..but if the iphone will work--that will be great!


Very inspiring! Maybe I should rethink NOT doing 365, too. Thanks!


wow, thanks for the templates. great! wish you and your family a nice weekend.

Lisa B.

Thanks so much for the great templates! The kits are amazing too.


I really have enjoyed reading your blog. And you are a great photographer. I can't wait to use the template. Thanks


I think this is a fantastic idea! All over it. Thank you!

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