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March 30, 2009


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michael perry

Hi Jenna,

I really enjoy your blog, Shabby Miss Jenn. The creative ideas that you have posted for spring are fantastic and remind me that I am a "programming geek." You are obviously a very creative and talented person, as evidenced by your writing. Creativity is a gift that's meant to be shared. My wife is a Teacher and her artistic scrapbooking skills really help with her first graders. She's continually making and creating items for school, family and friends.

My name is Michael Perry and I am part of a small team that launched a photo sharing site last year called We are creating a new version of our site (it will relaunch June 1). We have learned that our customers want to have fun creating just as you do when you scrapbook.

The Creativity of your blog really inspired me. I thought that perhaps you'd be interested in our Premium Partner Program. The program is pretty flexible. If you want to, and from the looks of your talent on your blog this may interest you greatly, you can create original designs for photo albums, cards and calendars for Hoorray and receive 25% of the revenue that your items bring to our site (this has the potential to earn you $1000s of dollars).

More importantly, as a premium partner, you will have the opportunity to influence the direction of, the development of new features, and have an active part of deciding what we do next. Our new site will focus on helping people create wonderful Photo Gifts. You're ideas and designs can be a part of our renewed efforts to encourage people to preserve their cherished memories and stay connected with the people they love. There are other features to the program, but one of the nice perks is that as a partner, you will receive a free 13x11 Photo Album every month ($39.99).

Email me back with your questions or call me at (212) 353-6549.

All the best,


Linda Marie

Xcellent Blog !! Amazing to see all you have done and have to offer ... Awesome !!
Linda Marie


I sure can relate with kids and sports! 7 of my 8 children have played competitive soccer - some at the premier state level - for 8 years! It's been a coordinating nightmare - lots of dropping kids off with friends to get to their own games and lots of cheering. I was thinking the other day that now that I only have 4 playing, I'm going to miss it!

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