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March 05, 2009


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Those cupcakes look delicious! What a fab ideal!


I have had my blog printed with another company (blurb) and I absolutely LOVE it! We have a family blog that is more like a journal/family history and now it's in book form! I'm just about to print one for 2008. Seriously, I highly recommend printing your blog!

lisa (momy4him)

those actions look awesome and the cupcakes are a cute idea!!!


Oh I love those cupcakes. And the pictures of Josh...priceless. He is so big. I can't stand it. I swear he was just that fat roly poly baby YESTERDAY!


Julie L.

Jenn...thanks for this fab March desktop...I am off to plug in some photos! I am so glad you brought up the blog book..I am debating that, too! I need to place my first order with SS for some pages. glad you love it!

amazing actions--and cupcakes scream fun!


Thanks for the super desktop!! Love it! Your Green Eggs cupcakes are amazing!! how fun!


The desktop is gorgeous!! I think I'm going to steal your idea for St. Patty's day...those cupcakes look so yummy!!

Sheila R

Thanks for the March desk top. Just love it. Having fun with all the kits I bought...


Those cupcakes are the coolest! Love 'em!

No I've never had my blog printed, though it's a great idea! Maybe I'll look into it for my blog-a-versary!

Andrea D

Darling photos!! I LOVE actions too!!

CUTE cupcakes! Thanks for the gorgeous desktop :)


I haven't printed my blog, but used a program called "Booksmart" on Blurb ( which does blog printing (just not blogger). I used it to print my photo-a-days from last year and it turned out awesome and was super, super cheap - like $30.


I just checked out the pricing on the blog books you linked to and the Blurb ones - and Blurb is definitely cheaper. I also learned they now print for Bloggers so I'm going to do one too! Fun! ;)

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