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April 29, 2009


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Amanda Sedeno

Pictures are super cute and your kids are adorable!!! Build A Bear is on our list for this wknd, wish me luck:D

Julie L.

great photos Jenn!

you are rockin' project 365! I'm about to start on April!
I just finished one from March last night...we can do it!


Great photos Miss Jenn! I know what you mean about keep up with projects! I know even doing the Project 365, but I can't even keep up with the projects I want to create! I can't believe it is almost May already... where did the year go?


Woman- I am literlly cursing myself up and down for attempting Project 365. I'm managing, but haven't uploaded them in about a month. Thankfully for my schedule, I'm not scrapping them, but they're on my facebook page with journaling (another reason for the cursing, why couldn't I just give them each a title and a 1-liner journal??) **sigh** I should have just done the page/photo-a-day-in-May instead!

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