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September 04, 2009


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Love the new stuff but we have no soccer players in my family :( In your free, spare time(wink wink), how about a softball kit, or volleyball and basketball..can you tell what we do around my house?? I would love to see how adorable they would be considering that the soccer one is so cute! Keep up the good work! I LOVE your stuff--going broke buying them all up :)

Amy Domgaard

Thank you so much for the Soccer Time! I have been so hoping you would do one for soccer and Little Dolls is just adorable, I ♥ the colors. I know what I will be doing this holiday weekend!

Julie L.

thanks Jenn! hope you have a great labor day! Love the new kits...and we WILL finish Project 365..I just worked on a June page last night...I'm a couple months behind, too! not giving up! :)


i've missed your shabbiness...but can SOOOOOOOO relate...and the coffee DOES help. i told someone just the other day that coffee is my friend when i wake up in the morning...i even smile about it. i've de-facebooked myself for a little while so you need to blog just a TINY bit more...just maybe once more soon?????? please????? cute kits and i must be on the same wavelength...exercising, running, etc. very good for you!!! take care...i will find you on FB when i come back...blessings!

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