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November 26, 2009


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Julie L.

Jenn--Woo Hoo! Just LOVE these new designs! You always seem to know just when us SMJ fans are jonesin' for another great kit(s)!! :) thank you!!!


OH ty sweetness! :)


You were crankin' the work out!!!!!!! The kits are all cuuuuuuuuute!!!!!! I took my iphone with me to Target and pulled up the kits to pick out wrapping paper & decided on tan and red paper.

Leah Gonzalez

I stopped by your shoppe today and loaded up on a few dollar deals.

I absolutely LOVE your new December desktop. I've already put it to work, adding my photo, and it's on my computer.

Thanks for sharing your desktops for free. You do a great job and I tell people about your work often.


Jenn- I just love all of your new kits! I can't seem to get enough of your goodies.....and I'm got quite a collection of your kits going! I do have one silly question for you....which kit is the felt Christmas tree from that's in your December Desktop? I absolutely love it and every time I'm on my computer, I see it and think, "I have to have that tree!" lol Thanks so much for all you do!


OH TY sweetie! It is in this kit here. :)

I love it too! :)



Shabby Miss Jenn


Oh my gosh. I am so embarrassed! I have that kit! lol Thanks for helping me out! ;-) Off to start tagging all of my stuff in

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