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September 09, 2011


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oh my goodness, i am loving this pumpkin farm kit! perfect for my son's annual school fieldtrip and our family trip out to the patch! i've purchased several of your pre-made albums and am wondering what people typically do when they are using them for photobooks instead of printing and putting into an album? what kind of cover/spines do they use, and what do they do to fill the extra 10 pages (since most come 20 pages standard)? the last one i did i ended up just flipping the pages and using the mirror images as spreads, but that got a little old.... thanks for any suggestions!


Hi there

You can. :) Several sites offer binding to match a color of your album or just use one of the coordinating papers from the kit to put on the binder/cover/backpage. :) Shutterfly offers this. I have used them and customized the binder with my papers. :) Hope this helps! :)



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